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Thread: Banned from gungame server

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    Hi all, I was banned today from the gungame server... The map was killhouse_b1 all wooden walls. So you can shoot thru all the walls. On this map i always spray thru the walls blindly at the start of each round due to knowing where the doors are. I believe kantmiss banned me and i have never hacked and have been on these servers for a very long time. As well as an admin and trying to get into ibis for well over a year. Would someone please look into this for me. It would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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    10 min by wolfy for ignoring admins whatever that means.
    Wrong forum, wrong format, you know better then that cobra, most of us know how long you have been here, we expect more then that.

    If you want to say he abused, put a thread over there and we will look into it, until then you are free to join the server again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    So... what your trying to tell me is that you saw a spherical square?

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    CobraEye, why you posting this here?

    GunGame isn't a Minecraft lol

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