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Thread: Servers page

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    i dont think you understand what im trying to get at.

    i was suggestions another tab with the "Home" "Forum" "whats new" tabs. It would make it easier for new users to get all the ip's
    See what actual servers ibis has as its quite small and its just pushed to the side. Considering the servers is the main reason why people are here
    i would of though a dedicated page with a banner for each server etc, would be nice.

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    Oh ok, I thought you were simply looking for "A" list, when you're requesting a Quality of Life [QOL] request. Gotcha.

    That should be extremely straightforward for @Zero using just vBulletin's admin panel.
    Ideally you'd want a page that ONLY contains the list of servers, yeah I could support that.
    Started from bottom. Now we here. <IBIS>

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    Trying to hack in IBIS is like trying to kill someone in a police station, not the best idea...

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    I would say you can do some simple but nice gfx banners to go with it? im not too shabby if anyone cant do it.
    Would be good to do it for when the csgo server(s) goes live?

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    Click banlist, then server tab.

    Users can access that I believe

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    So... what your trying to tell me is that you saw a spherical square?

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    Yea users can but not everyone knows that on the ban list you can see a list of servers. Hes saying make more obvious by putting a servers tab in the upper menu bar where the banlist tab is. Just have another tab that says servers and list out the servers and a quick connect link, current status, etc...
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    you all are a bunch oh whiny little bitches..
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    0.o.....dem sum fightin wurdz LOL

    I am really scared.....You sending Fiona after me? LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by CYBER View Post
    am i missing smthn ?
    because :

    has a list of all the serves and ips , here's a zoomed out picture.
    Attachment 10031
    Now I want to know what you have blacked out

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    Simple example from HELL clan:

    If you wanted to you could even fancy it up a bit more with simple small banners above the server info.

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    Anyway we can get WCS rank listed in our little window. All other stats, lets not leave out wcs lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zuki View Post
    Simple example from HELL clan:

    If you wanted to you could even fancy it up a bit more with simple small banners above the server info.
    I thought you were comparing us to Hells Clan? lol if you check there server list there isnt any players playing there servers lol.. just saying! xD

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    im not comparing, just giving an example of the idea im proposing and its not that hard to do and would benefit everyone imo.

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