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Thread: [Remove]zm_mario3_v4_finals

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    Map: zm_mario3_v4_finals
    Reason: Awful map, cramped and no one knows what to do or where to go and the round always ends up with 2 people hiding or in a place where people
    cant go and then just empties the server. Cant use the roller coaster that is on the map as it goes to fast and just pushes you off. Terrible map.

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    Ill change the map to this tonight and see what happens.

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    Alright we just played it. Roller coaster did push everyone off and couldn't drive. Also out of 20 ppl seemed like 15 hated it lol rtv that shit fast
    Then again for some reason no one likes Zm anymore.

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    Thanks for looking into it. I dont think that people dont like zm, i honestly think that alot of people dont get to play decent zm maps.

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    The zm server needs work. One thing that would help is to put upwards of only 20 solid maps, and build up from there based on suggestions made here with a popular vote from players.

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    +1 to that, like 15 ze maps and 5 or so zm maps?

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    There are actually some great zm maps, it's just that no one ever plays zm anymore.

    Panic beach, beachstrike, tx_highschool, urban downtown, onadega, etc.

    Those are just off the top of my head. What might help, though, is to take a day or two and go through every single map on the server and ask the people online if they want to keep it or remove it. It might be difficult, but I think it's necessary for the health of the zm server.

    On top of that, there should be some restriction for replaying maps over and over again (i.e. sorrento/shroom, there a few others).

    - - - Updated - - -

    To add to the overplayed list, Mountain Escape and Paranoid.

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    That is a solid suggestion zambers, but Anex already did that.

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    There is also (even though i dont know where to find it) a plugin that ask's players in game to rate the map they play on,
    at the end of the month you can then see what people like. takes a bit longer but worth a try.

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