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Thread: rafaelkatiajogo 12/14/2015 ~12:35 A.M. STEAM_0:1:101347532 [U:1:202695065]

  1. Default rafaelkatiajogo 12/14/2015 ~12:35 A.M. STEAM_0:1:101347532 [U:1:202695065]

    Name in Game: rafaelkatiajogo
    Steam-ID: There are two, according to PsychoStats: STEAM_0:1:101347532 and [U:1:202695065]
    Where: zm_lila_panic_beach_2
    Link to any previous bans: none
    Reason to ban:

    First shot at my barricade from the outside, then got himself stuck in it and blew it up with a nade. Watch from tick 7,600 - 9,600.

    Not sure if relevant, but there may be multiple people using the account(s). There are two rafaelkatiajogo's who together use the following IP addresses, according to PsychoStats. Many of the IPs are used by both players:



    Demo: auto-20151214-003356-zm_lila_panic_beach_2.dem

  2. Default

    Yep he left the cade, you closed it, then he shot down a small part to get back in. You then trapped him, and he naded it. While it is against the rules what he did, you could attempt to not be such a dick. He also started rebuilding the cade, while you typed out your complaints. Wasn't that big a deal IMO, very illegal and I will warn him if I see him in game.
    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    Logically I reserve the right to step in at any time and make a final judgement. Any judgement made by me can only be reversed by me.

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    Bio, you're back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosie View Post
    You then trapped him, and he naded it
    I was shooting the cade to keep it closed up. Him getting stuck is on him, and he could have easily tp'd out. It was abundantly clear at that point that I wanted to maintain the integrity of my cade.

    This is not the first time that people have left the room, saw 1 or 2 zombies and then come running back to my cade and blown it up, killing everyone.

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    He's been playing enough to know not to do that.
    He intentionally broke it either way. Was stuck, so he naded it. That's where he really fucked up.
    He then left after he got tagged. Because he knew he fucked up especially with an admin in there.

    Ban for 6 hours.


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