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Thread: Happy Memorial Day

  1. Arrow Happy Memorial Day

    I would like to give a big thanks to all the men and woman who serve in our military and defend the freedom we hold so dear, even as the politicians of this day and age see nothing wrong with stomping all over it.

    Let us remember that these soldiers lay down their life so that we have the opportunity to create the nation that we want for ourselves and for our children. Today let us not only remember the sacrifices they have given, but also let us think of what we can do back at home to ensure that the values and freedoms given to us by the Constitution are as well protected as ourselves thanks to the honorable sacrifices of the armed forces each day.

    For those of you serving in the military I pray that you have the greatest day ever and feel in your heart the seance of gratitude that we all wish to convey for your magnanimous service.

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    There are a lot of active IBIS players who are currently serving. I'm an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran myself.

    There are far too many young people who only think that Memorial Day is an excuse for a good cookout!

    Thanks, Zero.

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