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Thread: (GAME) Donner Party: Nevermore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
    I do have to say that this game was very well modded, especially for someone's first time.
    I agree with this, you did a great job Zambi

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    We currently have two pending signups for Mafia games

    Popcorn Mafia by Hippo:

    Paris Mafia by BladeTwinSwords:

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    Good game, i do apologies to all for my scrubness, i guess its a learning curve.

    Very well modded zambi. And hippo i knew it was you you fucker.

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    Thanks Nem, hippo and Zuki.

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    Lol that was fun lol good job Zambi

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    Good game. I knew zuki killed strong, there was no reason to kill him as he did not seem at all a threat to town and it seemed like a zm meta thing to do.

    Also, Jigg's "nice guns zuki" comment stood out. How did he know zuki could shoot someone? Vigs typically utilise the gun as their flavor for kills. He was clearly a power role because of his previous comment but even if he had roleblocked him he should not have gained any actionable info. I am wondering if it is just an odd coincidence, the two talked, or zambi let something slip.

    Lessons for the noobs -- only claim if necessary or if it will guarantee a win. Even if you are a Townie with some type of proof, you may very well be lynched by the same people you are attempting to garner support from. Jiggs made a drunken slip. Zuki claimed at a point in time where misdirection would have worked much better.

    Good job with the modding, zambi.

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    Couldnt eat instead some zombies ?

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    Thanks Scribbs and Jiggles!

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