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Thread: Steam Integration Update

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    I have just completed a major Steam integration update. As you all know I am always working on offering new features to the forums to make it easier for everyone to connect together as a community and for us to easily integrate these forums with the servers.

    The new steam integration has the following features:
    Online, Offline and In Game status now updates and in real time!
    Private profiles default to Offline
    The steam icon now will indicate a users current state
    The alt text now states the users name and current status
    All the old features and usage features are still in place

    In the future:
    Better programing to reduce load times and make feature more cross platform compatible.
    Data pulled directly from steam community page integrated into forum profile.
    Search engine optimization.
    Icon change to game being played.
    Drop down menu instead of window option support.

    Note that alt text may not work for some people until your browser totally wipes its cache this is because you may have been using the forums during the testing of this update.

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    Please note that if you see a players icon not updating correctly right click and go to this frame and then refresh. The updated code will never need to be refreshed after this. Unfortunately those of you that were using the forums when I was testing this unless you totally clear your page cache/histories. Yes even pressing F5 will not reload it correctly, sorry for the problem.

    Did some calculations and remembered that worst case they will auto reload in 24 hours and after that you need not worry about it. (If it says tool tip when you put the mouse over you got the wrong version)
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