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Thread: Joe The Freak STEAM_0:1:102125

  1. Default Joe The Freak STEAM_0:1:102125

    Name in Game: Joe The Freak
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:102125
    Where: gg_yardwars
    Link to any previous bans: Ignoring admins on 06-12-14 17:48 and 09-04-11 21:02
    Reason to ban: Reasons below

    Tick 101k: disrespecting admin (phil)
    Tick 106k: mic spamming (result in 30 min mute)
    Tick 113k: rejoining to talk more shit about phil and the servers
    Tick 114k: team killing

  2. Default

    It's all good man lol. I think he learned from his 30 minute ban.

    No need for ban extension. But thanks for the support and back

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