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Thread: Rufioh app

  1. Default Rufioh app

    Real Name: Max

    In game Name: Rufioh

    Weapons of Choice: Ak, m4, mp5
    Maps: D2, office, Italy

    Reason for App: Well im on almost every day, ive joined up with whytboiz in magop and he says i should fill out an app. I love what you guys do and would love to join the list of members. Thanks again, Rufioh.

    Experience: Lets see. i was somewhat of a prodigy. When i was 13 i was in cal m and was going to do lans but my parents wanted to keep me safe and wouldnt let me go. i quit for a few years then came back. now im in magop who is in cal-o

    Contact Info: Aim-bangarangrufioh Steam-Rufioh [email protected]

    A lil About me: Lets see, im a nerd who was blessed with good looks. I play games just about every day. I have a triforce tattoo. hmmm... Oh im from jersey, thats about it.

    (format thanks to d-monic)

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    I Would have waited awhile before posting this app, due to fact the only guy you know is whitboiz, And Don't believe I've ever seen you.

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    youve played with him. junes played with him. beast has, dutch has, many people have.

    he doesnt talk much/at all

    why should he wait? last i checked being acecpted into ibis depended mostly in part as to how long youve had your app up, no?

    hes a good guy dual, you dont need to show him such "hostility".

    well... you are the lead clan member and have been in the clan the longest so i guess we should follow your word yea?

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    not to stir things up but what i dont understand is dual if youve never played with me how do you know that i only know whyt?

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    you played a total of (08:45:27) on the IBIS server,So I Guess you know alot of people then. To be frank with you, I Think you should play alot more, and start to really know people on our server.

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    fair enough but im on as we speak and dont see you around?

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    check out my stats and see how much time i spend in the pub.

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    good luck on the app Ruf -i ohhhhhhhhhhhh

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    dual you seem to be misunderstanding me. im not saying you dont spend time on the server man. im saying that we are on at different times so you cant make an assumption that im never on

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    Hey !!...Good luck with your app! Dual the pub a lot, get to know the guys!!..Be patient.

    I didn t know you till yesterday....i played with ya a couple maps....seems like a good guy and good player...we were doing a good team.... owning Withboiz!!

    See you in-game


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