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Thread: FireThunder Ban Appeal

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    Hey Zero, you might want to preface this forum's name with 'Minecraft', that should (hopefully) alleviate (most of) the incorrect section postings.

    As MadGamer said though, you can't fix stupid, so I don't expect that it'll solve the issue entirely.

    Out of curiousity though, does anyone on IBIS actually play Minecraft?

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    Come to think of it, it might help to clean up the forums entirely. There are a ton of subforums that could most certainly be merged or made dual-purpose. Less sections would make it easier to find the correct one.

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    I play minecraft from time to time

    But i never requested to be whitelisted on the server posted on here, so i never played there
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    Quote Originally Posted by FearLess View Post
    Feel free to close ULA/CLAN
    That would be Clan

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    That would be Forum Mod aswell that can Close this lol

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    Can someone close this?

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