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Thread: Suggestion: Remove Quake zombie countdown and dynamic HP health

  1. Default Suggestion: Remove Quake zombie countdown and dynamic HP health

    IMO bad addons. Everything was better without them.

    And also normal zombie health/dmg was fine before

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    IMHO your'e wrong and you should feel bad.

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    I plan to change the sound for the countdown so it sounds better. The zombie HP is increased so that it is not being manipulated by maps anymore. I also made it higher because it generates a larger range for effecting the clients HP based speed. The HP based speed attempts to give humans a better chance to get away after holding a choke point while the zombies heal up and resume the chase. The larger health also works with the HP nades the zombies have which restores 10% of their HP over 4 seconds. The zomibes now also regen 0.25% HP per second which is way more than gaining 20hp every 5-10 seconds if they are not shot at. As a result the zombies on escape maps are harder to kill now with these changes.

    These changes also play into new abilities Humans will soon get to be able to deal increased dmg, temp disable the zombies passive regen when they are on fire from a nade and for new Zombie abilities such as being able to evade dmg and reduce human firerate.

    If there are particular maps which have a problem let me know so I can update the code to try to fix any bugs. These changes primarily attempt to enhance gameplay for zombies by giving them more to do than just run at targets swinging their knife.

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    Also I am going to be making some adjustments to the speed changes so they do not get too crazy.

    Possible solutions like faster heal when there is a high ratio of humans to zombies.

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