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Thread: Userbars

  1. Arrow Userbars

    D-Monic has made some user bars for people who love IBIS. If you want to let others know how much you enjoy IBIS Servers just put one of these in your signature on your favorite forums.

    Images attached below:

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    nice d-monic

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    thnx bro glad you like em

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    Updated with two new images, thanks for the great work!

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    updated added animated version of the ones made so far.

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    lol lol lol lol lol
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    oh wow thanks this is awsome! thanks a bunch

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    Wow thanks !!

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    These are great!!! Thanks again!

  10. Default Banned long ago

    Hey guys,
    I used to be an admin on the zombie's server of ibis. I believe my name was either commisionerBullets or SuckMyBullet. I guess I was banned, but its been so long since I was banned that I can not even remember what I did to become banned or if I even did it. Anyway, Its been about 2 years since ive played CS but since im heading to community college and this zombies server is the only one I am interested in if yall might consider lifting my ban.

    Thanks very much,

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