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Thread: [ADD-UPDATE] ze_shroomforest2_b6

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    Default [ADD-UPDATE] ze_shroomforest2_b6


    He created this map but never finished it.
    I wanted to fix it, and Taskuvaras allowed me to do so, so I added new content to it.
    ◾ 11 Special Items (2 zombie items)
    ◾ Musics
    ◾ Packed Entwatch config
    ◾ 8 Levels if you count ZM (the first version of the map only had 5 levels)
    ◾ custom_particle nomenclature
    ◾10 minutes round

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hopefully they fixed the angels

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    Zero anyway we can get this map uploaded asap, b5 version has a few bugs in it.

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