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Thread: Rubber bullets in USE

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    Hi this is rubber, I need a unban please. Sever banned me for tks. I kept tking a guy named Unconnected, becuase he was mic spamming the crap out of the sever when no admins where on. I have a demo of that if need be.

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:4805950

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    There was two of them named unconnected.. But when you went to mute them via player list their names didn't show up. They were mic spamming some power rangers shit, along with other stuff....

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    did anyone get a demo with sb_status or status or there steam ID? So we can ban them!? Also I need to give any admins that may know about this time to post, but you will probably be unbanned.

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    His ban expired...

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