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Thread: Map List Rehash

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    I noticed whenever we try Ice escape is crashes.

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    also I noticed a lot of maps missing and crashing during play.

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    I think some maps crash when it tries to load bots onto them. I need to get a list of these maps so I can manually generate the .nav files for them. I will hopefully get a chance to have the server cycle though each map this week while I am on the server so I can see if it will generate the .nav files.

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    I see the problem with bots on ZE maps, They will only run so far and stop. Then when they spawn to a further point they don't move.
    ZM maps, they work great until you go up a ladder or on top of something.
    I personally like them, just wish we had more maps to play on

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    Yea for them to work on ZE maps correctly we need to manually create the .nav files for the escape maps. This can be done by running the map on your computer and then running the nav mesh generation commands and creating the walkable areas. You got to connect them together but the good thing for ZE is that you only need to connect them 1 way because the bots only need to keep advancing from one area to the next.

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    Oh and fyi the normal rtv map list will only show maps that the current player count unlocks for. There is more maps than what you see it is just you need more players to unlock them.

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    You can read about nav file data and bot ai here:

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    Alright, Ive been going through the Map command list or whatever its called in the admin list. Now all the maps are working well.
    I do kinda miss the jet packs tho lol

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    I have created a nav mesh for ze_icecap_escape_v5 now. So the map should work now.

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    Updated the one for ze_death_star_escape_v4_3_z

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