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Thread: Ban Request

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    Request ban on:

    Name: Unconnected
    Steam ID's: Steam_0:0:16883074

    Mic spamming the hell out the sever when no admins where on. I tryed to mute him and he wasnt in player list. You can ask a few people in the sever about him.

    I have a demo, but I used fraps. So the files kind of large.
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    which server was this on?

    and he came in under 2 steam ID's?

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    If you cannot contact an admin than try to mute the player, if that doesn't work than just go to our GG or zombie to kill the time until he is gone.

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    It was on the sever named, GunGame Mod+ l IBIS l Fast DL l Psychostats

    An yes he came on with 2 ids spamming

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    this person was on the pub again today spamming with two usernames "unconnected". The username was "empty" before he disconnected and reconnected as "unconnected" and proceeded to mic spam the hell out of the server during the game.

    I couldn't find him in the playerlist to mute either.

    McBad the baddie said he couldn't kick?

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