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Thread: Anyone interested in making a competitive team for NSL?

  1. Default Anyone interested in making a competitive team for NSL?

    I am an ex-invite css player, ex global elite csgo, and have been playing the cs series since 2000. I played the NS mod when it was just a HL mod. I am wondering if you guys already have a team, or are interested in creating a team with the best of the best.

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    I am probity the only one who could compete at the competitive level for NS2 but I do not have the time. There is a lot of competitive players that will pop on our server so you might be able to ask them.

    IBIS actually was a CAL team over 10 years ago but that was right before we started these servers. We have not had a competitive team for any game since then and instead are focused more on pub play. However, nothing stops players from joining together and making their own competitive teams.

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    I would enjoy competing I would have to learn ns2 of course but yea

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    Our pub server is filled nearly all the time, it is a fun game you should check out.

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