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Thread: Skins on GunGame are distracting

  1. Default Skins on GunGame are distracting

    Hey All,

    I've expressed this a couple of times to some clan, but c'mon guys... have some common sense with the skins. When you have a T skin that looks like a CT (black), and vice versus, it's virtually impossible to tell the difference (especially on darker maps and aiming across a map in general).

    I understand the skins are 'cool' and you want to make the servers contain better reasons and incentives for a person to pay for admin, but please incorporate skins that look less like the opposing team the player is on.


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    I wrote something on this as well. I think the skins were going to get changed up a bit. The dark one on T needs to go for sure. I'm tired of hearing the complaints. lol

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    For sure. Yeah, it's not even a complaint.. it's, quite simply, common sense. I'm all for skins.... don't care at all about them by any means... but when you incorporate skins which look like the opposing team, that person will constantly get FF and it makes team mates not want to play on the server any more.

    Anywho... those are my thoughts. I realize opinions just don't matter for the pawns like me out there, but yeah.... why someone would do this to a server is beyond me.

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    Yeah, I quit using a couple of them mainly because of team attacks, But the bright pink ones and stuff i think are cool and give the admins a disadvantage honestly because you stick out more then anything.

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    lol if u pay attention to the models u wont have that problem. all it is, is different shading. ct model still look like cts and the t models still look like the ts. only difference is ppl are using it as an excuse to the excessive team attacking. i've played with the the new skins and with others using them while i wasn't, yeah there was a few times were i tk'd but it wasn't to the point where i wanted them gone. Ppl just run around and shoot the first person they see and if it isn't a skin they remember from default they will continue to shoot till they notice the text about them team attacking in chat, or notice the person is on the same team while the cursor is above them, or just kill them and say sorry. blaming the skins because u dont want to take the time to pay attention to what ur aiming at isn't the fault of the admin wearing the skin. yes one or two do offer a slightly unfair advantage since it's easily mistakable but again if u are paying attention and not just running and gunning then you wont team attack as often.

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    Honestly I semi disagree with you kasper, for tose of us who are colorblind the new skins change up the looks of the models as well other then the face, the suit ones are fine but some of them look very similar to opposing teams, with those ones I always end up tk'ing (not excessively in my opinion) when I see them because you don't have the time to just look and figure it out, and other times I see someone who I think is a teammate but is an enemy, I don't shoot for a bit until I realize ooo enemy team and yea, it sucks. should have a wolf model tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fox View Post
    should have a wolf model tho
    really? not a fox?

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    Quote Originally Posted by firstblood View Post
    really? not a fox?
    Wolves are better than foxes, almost as much as honey badgers. Even fox knows that

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    I use the T side leet custom skin that has the white jacket, the only other skin in the server that is white is the default arctic skin on T side and people still shoot at me. That's just them being stupid and blaming their inability to pay attention on something that isn't even a factor. Even when i dont use a skin i still get team attacked. Its just easier to blame the new skin than it is to say oh sorry i fucked up

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    Cts have helmets and T doesn't, Are you aiming for the feet?

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