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    I have talked about it a bit in another thread that is a link to one where the work is mostly done other then adding in models etc. I believe, not sure if it's already coded in. I think this would be cool for all our servers.

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    Are you telling me you wouldn't support a hippo skin

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fox View Post
    Are you telling me you wouldn't support a hippo skin
    Hippo skin would crash server, already have 1 hippo don't need another.

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    True but what we do need is a Holo the wise wolf or just a a wolf skin in general

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    Most of the items something like that has would be tied into admin or reserved slot orders at least for gg.

    For ZM I already basically have that on the back end because the rankings are time based. However, I can not fully expand the usage of that until we actually have more players on zm.

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