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Thread: Cant find ban appeal

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    i was banned by rawr who claimed i have laggin around with 51 ping, now they are claiming that ping has nothing to do with lag i dont understand why i was banned for ignoring admin= (rawr) aka i dont understand why i was banned when my latency was within the server's allowance now i realize this isn't the biggest deal since there are servers that provide the same product as your gungame but what i wish to dispute is the reason i was banned i would love to continue playing on your severs and i have been playing for months with no issues with admins until now i just dont get why i was banned when my ping was ok i wasn't even getting that many kills before the ban so no one was negitively effected by my supposed lag



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    Ban appeals are to be made
    Please follow format when posting

    Also, your ban was for 10 minutes and has already expired
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    This guy has been harassing Rawr. He was notified numerous times to fix it his computer issues but wanted to argue

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