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Thread: Enough of this mallissin BS on admin abuse

  1. Default Enough of this mallissin BS on admin abuse

    Mallissin you have had plenty of time to post these "demos" you have on me for admin abuse.

    Guess what asshole??? you don't have any on me. so you can go fuck your self for all I care. Your saying that I took a leave of absence to avoid being punished for abusing my admin, that it was a submission of guilt. Unlike you I've been on there everyday for the past 6 months, taking care of the ZM server. Keeping it running the way ZERO wants it to be runned.

    You decide to come back from your first leave, which I may point out was when the break off for GS-ZM was from IBIS, you started bitching and complaining about anything you could think of that would make the game more enjoyable for you. This isn't your FUCKING server mallissin you can't have it tailored to your needs. This is ZERO's server and I just helped him keep it in line and in check as an admin.

    Now what the fuck have you done to help this server?? I got rid of one of the most abusive admin ZM has seen. =bs= tecms25 was his name. Your welcome to read the post on it, he rage quit just like your gonna rage quit.

    When you decide to call me out for admin abuse you better have proof of it immediately. Who plays this bullshit of "oh I have too many of them and I'm gonna make one big video of it" or "oh I won't post them cause it will be spamming the forum" or "oh I'm an asshole who like to start shit with admins". Your starting to become a nuisance on the forums.

    Usually I wouldn't give a shit to admin disrespect. But if I wasn't on a leave, I would have banned you for admin disrespect already. That's perfectly a bannable offense, disrespecting me and what I've done to help the ZM server by calling me out on admin abuse with out proof.

    When I come back I will make it my personal goal to have you removed, permanently banned, from the IBIS servers. I've had clan members tell me that I do a great job. No one has even stepped forwarded and help you back up your piece of shit claim on admin abuse. Its been only you saying "I have demo's and your a bad admin". I read all the threads and post you piece of shit, no one has even agreed with you on your little claim.

    I don't know of anybody that will back you up. I'm done with you. Don't fucking come in here and start accusing me of shit that never happened. Learn a lesson from this;


    Your not worth anymore of my time. Post what you want, your credibility is shot and out the window. Like I said you wanna call me out for admin abuse?? find one person who will back up your claim. You say you have demo's, well post them up. For the fact alone that you didn't even vote yes to the poll that you had demo's show's how much of a liar you are.

    When I get back from my leave, and I'm gonna put it out right now for everyone to know including ZERO and the clan members, it will be my personal mission to have you perm banned from IBIS. You left it once and I'm gonna make sure you leave it for good. Yeah you better believe it to, I always do what I say I'm gonna do.
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    That was the most beautiful post iv'e ever read.

    Now for my 2 cents.

    You claim that iv'e abuse admin, and i'm rarely on. I never abuse. I always put the server rules first. My activity level has shot down since coming home from college. I would like to congradulate you on becoming a VIRT you have totally put yourself at the dark conor of the room. You are not welcome anymore to these servers as many admins and players will agree you cause unneeded drama. You have never dedicated yourself as much as inthebutt, me, Res, James, Masta, Mex, Anex, clone in keeping the servers strait.

    I have personally talk to older members and they say you have never dedicated yourself to the ZM server back in the day.

    This got me to think, why now start? The server was shitty when you left it and now it's good. I love playing in the Servers. IBIS would probably be the best community around if they updated their servers and kept them active more often....

    Anyways Mallissin. You have disrespected me ingame and on forums, which is a ban no matter how you put it.

    Were's these false demo's of any admins abusing?

    Do you even know how to set up a demo... and...

    How long do you wish to be ban for?

    Comes end of June budy, best not slip 1 step or your ass is mine.

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    i have to say i've never really seen inthebutt admin abuse, at all. same goes for you though holy. so im not saying anything bad for either teams here but i dont see any admin abusing from you two. plus inthebutt does a good job as an admin, iv seen him follow the rules and always help players in need. this is just my side of the story please dont hate me for any of it.

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    inthebutt is cute when hes angry

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    The way I see it there are no such demos. I ask myself, why would mallissin do this? If I were being called queer I would have posted the demos. I think mallissin is mad over something that happened a long time ago with ibis or something. But if he ever fucks with Inthebutt again I will shove multiple bars of hersheys CHOCOOOOLAATEEEEE up his ass.

    I was gonna make chocolate in big font and red but I can't from my phone
    I fucking love music
    Rip Paul Gray

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    I play every day Mal. I don't avoid the server, I live in it XD. Also
    In this thread you say "You guys take this stuff way too personally." You're the one taking this 'abuse' too personally. And when you say I admin abuse when I'm not (Ask anyone who isn't Koolayed), along with what was THE BEST two admins at the time, it really is saying something about you.

    Post those demos, I can tell you right now what you have on me.

    You have me banning a person by accident and unbanning them immediately because the list moved on me.

    You have me slapping myself up to get a better view of things, not killing any zombies, when I'm not even close to the last human.

    You have me joining spec after my barricade is destroyed by some random person, to see who did it, followed by me kicking/freezing/banning the random person, depending on if I just woke up or if I'm tired.

    And me constantly trying to keep the server running smoothly by banning hackers, helping newcomers, kicking/freezing/banning barricade breakers, muting mic spammers, and overall doing anything I can to help out everyone in the server that needs it.

    Everyone makes mistakes Mal, just like the one you were making when you disrespected us.

    I don't know, you seem to have warmed up to me after playing more then one round and saying I admin abuse. Care to drop all this? If not, get posting.

    Oh, and those threads where I "scratch the truth" please get me some, I would love to know what I said that was wrong. I'm fully capable of making mistakes and apologizing for them.

    And the only thing that happened with Holy was that he muted Jojo to keep everyone from commenting on her causing more mic spam. Seems to me like he helped stop the mic spam, not abuse his admin like you claim. Besides, the entire room tries to vote mute her anyway.

    And Inthebutt? I don't recall a single thing he's done wrong as an admin. Same goes for holy.
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    Times have changed, Mallissin. I used to play a lot last year, during the pooter era. At first, like you, I didn't enjoy the changes made to the server...especially when the mute feature in CSS didn't work anymore. As I continued to play more, made new friends, and re-united with old IBIS members, it's not as bad anymore because I *ADAPT*. CSS servers can be compared to life: things are always changing. You can't bring back what has happened in the past.

    To sum up, get with the times, Mallissin. You're a great player (at least a real good zombie), but don't be the asshole no one enjoys by picking fights with them because it isn't what it used to be.

    All admins thus far have contributed their fair share in administering justice to those that deserve it. Of course if you ask for proof, I cannot produce them because it happens so instantaneous that it is nearly impossible to reproduce that exact moment. Much like how you claim you have all these demos of admin abuse. Sure, you may have witnessed them, but it's a little hard to rewind the past and record it all over again. Only way I see it is to record demos for every round you play.

    Inthebutt was probably the most active admin ever prior to his hiatus. Sure, he has made some mistakes but they were forgivable. He was a hard admin who was pretty strict. He not only punished players for breaking rules, but he even reminded the admins that they had responsibility and told them, at appropriate times, to cease the playful admin abusing (drugging, blinding, slapping, freezing, etc) and he would settle map change issues. He was quite the effective admin whenever he played. I had the feeling most players were intimidated by him, therefore being so well behaved.

    Holy Shazbot was probably the first person I encountered that were strict with the rules, probably moreso than inthebutt (I imagine he inspired inthebutt to be strict also). Despite coming in quite rarely, he becomes quite efficient in reminding players what to do and what not to do. He pretty much has one of the best attention to detail that I've experienced. From witnessing cade breakers to even player's names, which are deemed inappropriate, he warns them to act accordingly. I don't mean he is super old or something, he's one of the wise elders in IBIS.

    During their time as admins, I've never notice any major admin abuse topics that are produced against them. It means they are doing a superb job. That's my opinion on this subject as I'm pretty bored at the moment. Mallissin, just claim your faults, drop the subject, get back into owning players.

    P.S. I believe Turtles has died since he isn't replying much anymore. I'm gonna miss his turtle humping video.


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    Why am I in this thread? I dont even know this guy.. Dont ever say my name.. or Mother Russia will come upon U!
    Интернет - как жизнь, смысла нет, а уходить не хочется..

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    Quote Originally Posted by virtus View Post
    Why am I in this thread? I dont even know this guy.. Dont ever say my name.. or Mother Russia will come upon U!
    Fuck mother russia, she is a whore!
    I fucking love music
    Rip Paul Gray

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxMastagunzxX View Post
    Fuck mother russia, she is a whore!
    I'd* rather not fuck Mother Russia, she's too open and might have an STD.
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    Thatís the funny thing about trolls: They love to do something horrible, then accuse you of doing something horrible when you call them on it.

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