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Thread: ZMod Revival?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phil. View Post
    That might be too much going on. We should possibly think of a ze/zm night. mass old regulars, beating ze maps like old times. get like zero, scribbs, anex, steamer, me, and whole bunch of old regulars. Might need some kind of incentive. top player who lead humans to victory will get like free admin for 1 month (I'll pay for them or something), 2nd player who leads will get 1 month free res.
    We doing this anytime soon?

    I wanna join back

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    Alright then

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    Maybe next year?

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    Maybe this year?

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    "Maybe this year?"
    Uhmm, tentatively??

    By the way, newbie here as well. A photographer by profession, I usually travel around, camera in the trunk and my dog at the backseat, secured in his dog crate. I’ve been going around the various states looking to take the best scenic photographs ever. Cheers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    Maybe this year?
    What date and time?

    I'll be there!

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    I'm all for zmod revival that's for sure, just needs rein in on some admins for sure

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    Maybe it's time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anex View Post
    Maybe it's time?
    It's time.

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