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Thread: LoLuMaD^-^ | 8/11/2017:1505 | STEAM_0:1:12813204

  1. Default LoLuMaD^-^ | 8/11/2017:1505 | STEAM_0:1:12813204

    ingame name: LoLuMaD^-^
    steamid: STEAM_0:1:12813204
    server: GG
    Demo: auto-20170811-144726-gg_churches_x_final_fixed.dem

    65k - Joins
    65.5 - spawns
    65.6 - turns hacks on
    66k he gets a few kills.

    The anti-cheat system stated that it banned him twice, I had no idea it was broken. Someone may wanna check on that.

    At round end noxxy brought it to my attention that he hadn't been banned or kicked, I went to spectate to see it myself
    Went into console to grab steamid,
    Map changed and I banned him asap.

  2. Default

    upside down aimbot, hacks, perma, closed. nice catch!

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