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Thread: Some gg maps ive done

  1. Default Some gg maps ive done

    i sent Zero a pm of some maps i made for gg mod, havnt gotten response, so thought id try here.

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    cool nice to see a mapper

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    I will add them as soon as I get a chance. Be sure to check the map ratings after I do to see how they preform. I am also sure that players will be willing to discuss the pros and cons of the maps to help improve future designs.

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    lol map rating will consist of dismiss cuz of ppl instantly hitting one

  5. Default Awesome

    Those all look pretty cool!
    I'd like to try them out at least.

    Nice job!
    They also call me Dan the Man...
    You should Facebook me.

    Fighting Corporatacracy since 2007

    Go read some Chomsky and stop doing this:

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    Thanks, it only took me 2 weeks to make them all. :P

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    I hereby claim myself map tester #1!

    Good work garrett1100! Keep 'em rollin'!

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    hey garret, is there any real difference between making GG maps and normal maps? I wanna give map makin a shot and was wondering if I need any sort of special layout to fit the way the gg mod works, as of now I have no idea

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    Just make the map how you want it, shape and look wise, put the spawn points, and DONT add any buy zones. Thats all that is required

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    earlier on gg i heard a few say we need some new maps. not trying to be pushy but i think my 4 maps would help. its been a week

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