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    I've been wondering what happened to zombies in re4 and re5 i own re4 and i really wonder why did they kill zombies as the main enemy now its some Los Plagas and Uroboras. And also why is re5 as a low 1 in scary and insanely easy. Re4 was so easy and a 8 on scary the regenerators scared me shitless making me waste all my rifle ammo.

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    1. Only have played number four (bought it simply because of this server)
    2. Way too much rambling for me to know wtf you are talking about

    I'm pretty sure after 3 they nuked Raccoon City so the infection wouldn't spread. But then Umbrella made something else bla bla bla and so on and so forth.

    Check Wikipedia for the details.

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    RE5 is a joke. The only time anyone should ever die playing the campaign in that game is from missing a quicktime event.

    I was disappointed that they didn't put any extra characters in the merc's mini-game, just re-skins of the main characters. That was the best part about the minigame in RE4, playing as different characters.

    And the simple reason behind getting rid of the classic zombies is because they're too slow. Imagine shooting zombies moving as slow as the RE1/2/3 zombies, but actually being able to hit them with every shot. The plot is just stupid as hell now, so you may as well just ignore that part of considering why they're not there anymore.
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