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Thread: torontobuff25 | 11Oct2017:1638 | STEAM_0:1:51918217

  1. Default torontobuff25 | 11Oct2017:1638 | STEAM_0:1:51918217

    Name: torontobuff25
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:51918217
    Server: GG
    Reason: Team attack/extensive history of team attack/Just getting back from 2 month ULA ban for Team attack in July
    Demo: auto-20171011-161259-gg_octarush2.dem
    Ticks in question:
    Join @ 4k -- immediate team kill
    45.4 blatant Team attack
    55k Begins to team attack everyone
    55.8k Disconnects

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    Upgraded your ban to 3 months pending the results of this thread

  3. Default

    Thanks Kasp3r. I figured myself putting a 3 month ban may be seen as overstepping.

  4. Default

    Yw, and no you could have done the upgrade through sourcebans. Just would have had to notate upgraded to 3 months due to history, repeat offender.

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    Doesn't look like anyone wants to weigh in

  6. Default

    Clan is busy, that guy has already been banned for 3 months so they have time to decide if they want to expedite to perma.
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    Saw the demo, as soon as he starts playing he intentionally tk's locorio. After that each time he team attacks it's an accidental as someone either stands up from squatting as they were shooting the same target or someone runs infront of him. The last round he played he intentionally sprayed the entire team and then leaves the server. He did however trace his team when he got stuck on scout but most people do that lol

    Sry, i vote no to the perma. The 3 month ban should stand until the next time he pops into the server. If he pops in again after the ban has expired and does the exact same thing then i move to perma ban, but for now let's just see what what happens.
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    Iím gonna have to agree with Kasper on this one, the tk doesnít seem severe enough for a perma just yet. If he comes back after 3 months and does it again regardless of the severity he should receive a perma. As for now just stick with the 3 month.


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    Link to ban
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