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Thread: some aim bot, and some speed hacks.

  1. Default some aim bot, and some speed hacks.

    in game name , THIS... IS... SPARTA!

    Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:24892470

    saw him aimbotting some, and using speed hacks at some points. did not figure how to record demo, but if you see him watch him and see if he tries it again.

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    I've seen him play a few times, and never saw him as a hacker before, but in case you see it again, I'll give you these directions.

    To demo, go into console (if you don't have it activated, go into keyboard options, go to advanced, and click enable developer's console, and use ~ to open it) and type "record <filename>" (Example: record hacker_01)

    To stop recording, type "stop" in console.

    Finally, to view demos that you've recorded, hold shift, and press F2.

    Note, you must be in a game to view demos that way, and it will disconnect you from your current game.
    And you do not need to use " when you type record <filename> or stop

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