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Thread: I decided to come back!

  1. Thumbs up I decided to come back!

    So I last posted when I joined back in 2012 and have since been off and on playing.
    I recently realized I have been paying for a reserved spot for quite some time now and not actually using it.
    Between work, WoW, and traveling, I don't find a lot of time to turn my computer on.
    But for the next few months I'll be on and playing CSS again.

    When I first found this set of servers I played mostly WCS, but now I'm mostly GG.
    Some of you might even recognize me from GG from years ago!
    But anyways, this is my drunk re-introduction that i decided to post.

    See you on GG

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    Welcome back to the servers and enjoy the stay from being gone so long ago

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    Welcome back.

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    Welcome back man!

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    welcome back to ibis, enjoy ur stay, and happy gaming :3

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    welcome back and can't wait to play with you again on the GG server
    Quote Originally Posted by inthebutt View Post
    you all are a bunch oh whiny little bitches..
    Quote Originally Posted by Hitman
    0.o.....dem sum fightin wurdz LOL

    I am really scared.....You sending Fiona after me? LOL

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    Welcome back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManBearPig <ibis> View Post
    Welcome back!
    Are you back? I know someone that would like to hear from you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasp3r View Post
    I know someone that would like to hear from you.
    Is it Al Gore?

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    Lol sadly no

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