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Thread: HuDZG | 02-08-18 | 20:54 | STEAM_0:0:219534149

  1. Default HuDZG | 02-08-18 | 20:54 | STEAM_0:0:219534149

    Name in Game: HuDZG
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:219534149
    Where: GG
    Link to ban:
    Reason for perma ban: [SMAC] HuDZG is suspected of cheating with their eye angles

    Private reports please, you have 2 weeks.

    Ula's refrain from posting/voting till the 22nd
    Close on the 1st to give one week of discussion for applicants
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  2. Default

    hax, perma. toggled aim and the server caught it lol. before that was just walls and a little aim assist.

  3. Default

    aim assist/no-recoil and walls perma

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    you all are a bunch oh whiny little bitches..
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    I am really scared.....You sending Fiona after me? LOL

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