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Thread: Failz is here!

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    What's up? It's Epic[Failz]
    I have been playing on .ibis gungame server for about 5 years now. I used to be in =GGC= and so I only played on .ibis when our server was empty (so always), bu t Ibis and its community is by far my favorite clan/server and I'm looking forward to being a regular and hopefully becoming part of the clan. What do I need to do to become [.ibis]? I have over 8 years of admin/server rcon/moderator abilities. I have already helped Ibis Admins handle name maskers, spammers, and hackers, and whenever someone has a problem, I am always willing to help. I'm not looking to become an admin, as I cannot afford the $11/M fees, however I am always happy to moderate and relay problems and solutions to the current admins. Also looking to get my stats reset, I have over 90H server time with a kdr of .89 with about 9590 Kills, and 10,930 deaths wiht a -12273 skill level. I would like to reset these stats, as I play more seriously now and would like my rank to reflect that.
    Much love,

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    Sup man long time no see. Since you can't afford being an admin, you can help out by posting on forums and letting admins know if anything if anything happens either on here or steam messenger

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    hey Epic I've played with you a few times and glad to see you come over. As Kasp3r stated you can always add admins on steam or post on the forums with demo's to show if something is happening on the servers
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    Hey epic! Welcome to the forums bud
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    Hey Epic, welcome to the forums!

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