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Thread: New Posts not changing

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    After I read new posts the blue thingy is not turning back to read posts (grey).

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    why do half my posts dissapper?

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    i'm having trouble, after i make a post it goes away...

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    Yea for some reason our computers are improperly caching the data. I will put no cach headers in to fix the problem.

    For now you need to press F5 on the page and it will work

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    Ok problem has been fixed, there was a .htaccess setting that was causing your computers to cach the pages for 1 day even though the headers told your browser not to do it. If you clear your cach the problem will be fixed now. Otherwise the error will automatically fix in 24 hours (hopefully), therefore I recommend you clear your cach.

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    Thanks !!

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    Also, when I try to "Edit Avatar," I get the message:

    vBulletin Message
    Unable to save image

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    Yea I do not have the permissions set for uploads right now. We are space limited so I am not going to allow any uploads until I get some decent size limitations in place. Yes that means you can not have crazy big images. I may end up doing a rank based system where users are allowed to upload bigger sigs ect as they make more posts

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