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Thread: Ip's for the new servers

  1. Arrow Ip's for the new servers

    Here are the ips for the new servers please report any problems. I could not test the fast downloads because I do not have internet explorer I am trying to fix that but it might require a format... = Pub = GunGame = Zombie mod

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    The official switch between these and old servers will take place in a few hours, you will be redirected from the old servers to the new servers.

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    will the prompt for the nukes on the escape maps be readded?
    There's currently no warning for when the nukes are about to go off and probably no prompts on when the bridge is about to be blown on the jurrasic park maps.

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    and the gravity's screw up cades are just bouncing and floating around everywhere on this new server.

    I would post a demo or screen shots of it but its just not uploading for some reason.
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    I was there for that...Chelsea was attempting to crash the server so it would force a restart on objects. I was merely trying to figure out how to change the gravity so I can crash it, but i don't know the appropriate command for it.

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    Cloud already lost rcon for crashing it with that. Anyone that crashes it with gravity will lose rcon. Currently it does not actually crash the server but puts it in a loop where it can not be restarted.

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    Me? I didn't crash the server...... i dont have Rcon or amdin lol

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    the server gravity seems to be fine now but we really need those prompts in teamchat back that say nuke launched 5,4,3 and bridge blown: Jump you fools back and those probably apply to the helicopter escape maps too.

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    Once again, you forget the new RPG Mod server! = RPG Mod

    Then again, it's been half full from ZMers since it came up.

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