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Thread: Bad map thursday schecule

  1. Default Bad map thursday schecule

    Maps i think should be in order it will alternate between cade and escape.

    zm_bio_fear (cade)
    zm_mines_of_moria (escape)
    zm_ruined_town (cade)
    zm_underground_escape (escape)
    zm_grid_v____ (cade)

    Then anymore map you ppl put the next escape then cade map yourself then we have a nice bad list of maps.

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    those 'cading' maps aren't really cading maps at all...its

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLittlestHobo View Post
    those 'cading' maps aren't really cading maps at all...its
    Isn't that the point?

    Either way, it is ironic how people talk about the quality of the server going down, while at the same time advocating playing maps that everyone hates on Thursdays.

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    no i mean how mastacheff had those maps in brackets labelling some maps as cade or escape. The ones he provided are neither of those. They are under fail category because there is nothing you can cade in those maps. However, we may as well utilize fail maps since the request to remove these maps are like forgotten.

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    No you got it all wrong mastercheff.

    Its fail map thursday. and we play the following

    De_Dust 2

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    I should add de_3rdstreet and xmas_nipperhouse and then it really would be exciting!

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    Hell ya Zero. You should do that.

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    we know we fail at them there just bad we know there fail to bad the mappers were on crack when they made them

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    A few maps you guys forgot to play last Thursday:
    CanalEscape (Wait, do we have that on the server?)
    And last but not least, my personal favorite, Hangum High

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    Note to self: never play here on thursday, play tf2 or any upcoming mods like neotokyo instead.

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