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Thread: Knife Round Vote with plugin to automatically disable weapons

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    I've thought about this a few times and even discussed this with scribble and although this could actually be fun i don't think this should be implemented on IBIS servers. this plugin is however on ggc servers. if ppl choose to knife they are more than welcome to do so. I vote no on this, even if ula's and clan are the only ones that would be allowed to use this command i strongly feel that this goes against what IBIS has done with the server so far. IBIS doesn't enforce knife only rounds or maps, and adding this would go against that and be hypocritical. adding this wont kill server but at the same time i don't think it will make it better either.

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    I think we should allow knife only for when there are 2-6 players, BUT require that everybody has to vote yes. When the server is more dead like that, usually its regulars early in the morning who prefer to knife anyway, and could be something fun. It also preserves the fact it is gungame as everyone has to want to do it, or nobody will.

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    Only problem with what you wrote is that if the plug-in is going to require everyone to vote Yes, then why bother with the plug-in. Given what you said, the people in the server could agree to do knife only as they currently do in the server without any Ibis representative forcing them to do so. If the problem is the weapons then at the start of the round everyone can either throw their weapons off the map, in spawn, or a designated location on the map that won't have anyone knifing.

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    I absolutely love woot day.

    any map in knife only mode takes forever though, thats the main reason wootday last forever is our best players are the ones playing knife only. We could just stop with that idea all together though just so it doenst take 40 min to get through.

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    So... what your trying to tell me is that you saw a spherical square?

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    I like using the knife when killing.

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