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Thread: Vacation and the last few weeks

  1. Arrow Vacation and the last few weeks

    Ok so here is the deal, you all probity noticed that I fell of the earth these last 2 weeks so here is what was going on. As some may recall a week or so ago all the servers were turned off and none of them were working. The reason for this is that our game host is going out of business. In order to ensure that ibis would continue to run we have ordered a dedicated server in a premium datacenter at great cost. While we were iffy about our ability to fund such a server we believed that we needed to move and create a good upgrade path so that ibis could grow. The real problem was that we only had till the end of the month to find and make the server. Also I was supposed to leave to visit my family yesterday however we are now going to leave in about 6 hours. So as you can see I was really pressed for time and then...

    The webserver got canceled because the website had finally gotten too big and was overloading the shared hosting plan. Well we can not tell you all the new ips without the website so we had to set that up and move the website to a big server also at great cost. All of this has more than doubled our operating costs but luckily we have a good reserve that can last us a few months so we got time to pickup the subscriptions and to add more servers. Now as you noticed it took about a week to setup the webserver and I must admit that it is basically held together with bubble gum right now but from your perspective works better than what we started with.

    I have rushed to get all the needed work done on all the servers and website so that everything is running better than when it started. As for the game servers there is still going to be some minor glitches that we will work out

    Now this is not to say that work is done. I will be working on a ton of updates for the website and the existing game servers me and jig are also working on adding new servers into the mix.

    I wish I could play with you all but IE is broken preventing me from using steam on this computer (yes steam REQUIRES IE to work...). So I am going to half to format my HDD so that I can play with you all

    Regardless I am happy that everything is at least working now and I am sure that you will all come to enjoy all the updates we have planned. Unfortunately I will not be able to oversee the transition because I leave the state in a few hours and will not have internet all next week. Jig will be watching over everything and working out minor bug fixes.

    As for admin subs I will be working with jig over the phone to ensure that new admins are activated quickly. If you order admin while I am gone for the next week then please send jigsaw a pm in the forums so that he can add you.

    Worst case jig has my house key and can come over and access the SBII and SB1.5 to fix or do anything that is needed to continue needed operational status. Jig will also be watching the admins while I am gone and will likely remove any trouble makers until I return so be cool.

    I hope you all enjoy the new servers and come to like the new updates we are working on.

    Also here are the new ips: = Pub = GunGame = Zombie mod

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    Thank you Zero but there is a small problem I keep encountering ont he forums

    When someone makes a new post, it does not show up unless its in the newest topic section. apart from that I cannot see any new posts up to the point when the forums went down alst week.

    Anything that could help me Jig?

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    thank you... and enjoy your vacation! bring me back a shot glass from whever you go. i collect em in my office

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    I'd donate to help out if I wasn't poor. But all the updates and the minor server bugs are being handled by JigSaw like you said they would, he's doing a good job so far. I'll be testing Pub, ZM, and the new RPG server to look for any bugs as well, and to keep an eye on everyone, and keep the chaos to a minimum. <.<

    Best of luck to ye.

    You also didn't add the IP for the RPG server. Even so, most of the ZMers have moved over to it for awhile, its really fun. = RPG Mod

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