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Thread: Bitcointalk.Org | STEAM_0:1:189671 | 5-23-2018 | 1340

  1. Default Bitcointalk.Org | STEAM_0:1:189671 | 5-23-2018 | 1340

    ingame name: Bitcointalk.Org
    steamid: STEAM_0:1:189671
    where: gg
    reason: perma evasion
    demo: auto-20180521-195259-gg_aim_shotty_mia.dem
    Link to ban & all perma bans:

    Joins around 30k.

    All perma bans this fella has are from different IP addresses. Obviously using a VPN.
    Only came into the server for one round, but the little skank is back.


    Wasn't sure if I need to post thread about this or if I can just hand out the ban.

  2. Default

    Gonna just upgrade and close:

    Weird but I forgot what link I posted before lmao, but old thread from joker
    Last edited by firstblood; 05-23-2018 at 03:12 PM.

  3. Default

    For ban evades you can perma ban them, just make sure you post for documentation. Good work

    And just FYI, that link didnít work
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