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Thread: Deci <ibis.a> - GG Server 6/21/18

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    Going to keep this short and sweet. Any of the old school IBIS members will recognize me as a longtime member of the clan. I've been involved with the IBIS clan for nearly a decade and have been an admin on and off over the years when I return to being active in the CS:S community and have worn my IBIS tag for the last 8 years since I joined, never changing my name since. I joined the GG server a few minutes ago and ran into Deci, who I personally have never seen before on the servers until today. Within maybe a minute or two of joining he kicks me from the server, upon returning I ask him to cut it out thinking he's just messing around. After the fact he proceeds to kick me again claiming that I'm not allowed to wear my IBIS tag and will get kicked for it unless I change my name. After some heated back-and-forth conversation over MIC he claimed to warn me of this in chat, which did not happen. I'm sitting here now after he forced a namechange to a derogatory name, and having been kicked three times now and been given a "final warning". IMG-1.jpgIMG-2.jpgIMG-3.jpg

    - - - Updated - - -

    And finally, this warning came allegedly from the "clan". IMG-4.jpg

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    Yes, i did warn you multiple times that you were not an admin or clan and needed to remove the tag, verbally and in writing, to which your ignored and responded with disrespect and cussing. Yes I also scrambled your name with the admin tool (derogatory how?), which you went around and replaced your name.

    I even, in the benefit of the doubt, confirmed with clan that you are not clan, and you were required to remove the tag as was there final warning, and passed the message along to you.

    Even if you played here all the time many years ago, and even if you use to be an admin, then you should know you are not excused or exempt from clan rules, and I do not tolerate disrespect. You may not know me but ive been a consistant GG admin for ibis for at least 5 years.

    Will gladly post demo if asked

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    You are not an admin, nor are you a clan member. You may have been a regular and well known as a regular, but you do not hold the right to wear just "IBIS" in your name. That is reserved for clan members, and you sir are not.
    The final warning that allegedly came from a "clan" was me, an actual <IBIS> clan member.

    This is not abuse, not nearly close to abuse. Your ban length will remain the length given, and i suggest you take off any type of "IBIS" in your name. You can have IBIS REGULAR or something like that, but not just "IBIS".

    No abuse found.
    Resolved, closed.

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