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Thread: Request for admins to punish a player/players

  1. Angry Request for admins to punish a player/players


    please consider banning schu, and at least warn/ban Solninja and peregrin took. Schu for being a very obnoxious entitled elitist, who baited a rookie to com from the start of the game and then proceeded to take every opportunity to berate his comming skills, and the others for jumping on schu's elitist hostile bandwagon. Schu, as I told him as well, is clearly narcissistic and malevolent, but cleverly skirted around not being just toxic, but toxic in a way not to raise straight red flags. Words in his repertoire during the match included faggot, idiot, retard, and he made sure to berate the com for his slowness about 20 times among other things, just to make him feel very bad but just tidily enough not to get kicked. Solninja and peregrin took tailed him, taking the same elitist attitude and all three generally being extremely obnoxious and annoying whiners who wanted to cause the com as much distress as possible and put him down at every turn. These kind of players are 100% not healthy to the small community of NS2 and instead cause the problem of newbies leaving the game. I have interacted with narcissistic persons in my life and schu is definitely a narcissist who doesn't probably even see his flaws and tries his best to keep a cool trolly attitude, even though his anger flashed at times through his facade.

    He was told several times that this is a noob friendly server and a part of the reason this game has such a small playerbase are entitled elitists acting hostile and high-and-mighty towards newer players. It was evident from his demeanor and replies that he all he actually wanted was to get a rouse out of everyone and feel good about himself by bashing others. The signs of a mentally disturbed narcissist.

    As an extra burden for me, today was the first day me and my gf played NS2 and I was showing her the game and newbie-friendly servers, and this did surely not give a good impression of either. I wish you will rectify this and ban atleast schu.

    Attached you find a part of the match I managed to save with my Shadowplay, unfortunately not containing all of his hostile behaviour.


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    We'll look into this. Thank you for the heads up.

    Someone will update you here regarding whatever action we take.

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