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Thread: jub | STEAM_0:1:440821438 | 7/1/2018 | 1543 (time of ban)

  1. Default jub | STEAM_0:1:440821438 | 7/1/2018 | 1543 (time of ban)

    Ingame name: jub
    steamid: STEAM_0:1:440821438
    Where: gg
    Reason: Multihack
    Tick: Joins around tick 37k. Aimbot and other hacks become obvious two rounds later. He turned them off before Shuwayze and Hott Llama called me in, so I had to go back and watch the demos. Watched this one and went in and banned him.

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    Don't use the ftp server as the link for the demo. You gotta download it then upload it to here or onto sourcebans.
    Do you have the demo of this still? Please upload as it is gone from the FTP server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inthebutt View Post
    you all are a bunch oh whiny little bitches..
    Quote Originally Posted by Hitman
    0.o.....dem sum fightin wurdz LOL

    I am really scared.....You sending Fiona after me? LOL

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