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Thread: Rules change to nade level?

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    Personally the only thing I would want to change is for knives to give you 55 hp per knife kill

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    I hate the knife/nade setup on this server so much. Years ago, when there were tons of servers to play on, I always stayed away from this server if there was anywhere else to play specifically for this reason, but today it is the only good gungame server left.

    Nade after knife sucks because it turns into a neverending cycle of people getting to knife level and knifing people off of nade because the naders have no gun unless they pick one up and they are usually walking around with the nade out which makes it easy to kill them even if they have a gun because it takes time to throw the nade and then switch to the gun. This causes a lot of people to be knifed back to knife which causes a lot of people to be running around knifing which makes nading even harder.

    I have always hated how weak the nades are. The only way to get a nade kill is to hope your teammate dies while shooting someone and they leave them with very low health or stack nades with other teammates that are also stuck on nade.

    Having no pistol on nade level is ridiculous, I don't think I have ever seen this on another server.

    All these things end up making knife and nade levels take longer than all the other guns combined and the sever almost always ends up turning into nadegame instead of gungame. You end up just sitting on knife and nade level until there are a few players from each team on nade and then whoever gets lucky wins. This causes winning on this server to be fairly meaningless because it is not skill related, it just comes down to luck.

    Often I get frustrated by the knife and nade levels that I end up just playing through the guns and then leaving. Just yesterday I left after getting to knife and went to another server and played through 2 entire maps. When I returned to IBIS, they were still on the same map.

    I don't remember when I started playing on this server, but I can see I registered this forum account in 2011 and I still feel the same about the knife and nade levels now as I did then.

    There are 3 ways I can see to fix the problem and only one would need to be done. Make knife after nade, give us a glock with our nade, or increase the nade damage by about 20%.

    Obviously this is your server and you can do whatever you want. I just tried to join and couldn't find the server in my favorites, so I came here to see if the server was down. I happened to see this thread on the top of the discussions and thought maybe I should voice my opinion after all these years.

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    We recently migrated our servers. The new IPs can be found here:

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    I'd advise against having knife after nade. Imagine finally getting a nade kill and then getting (shoot)knifed back to nade. It will definitely be common

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    I have never had a problem getting nade kills other then games wheer I am off, usually I can get them on demand. As for nade, when properly thrown it does 65-70 damage so pretty easy to grab someone slightly damaged if you know the choke points which I KNOW you do haha

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