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Thread: Deci abused me and my name

  1. Default Deci abused me and my name

    Admin's INGAME name: Hottest llama (aka decimate)
    You're INGAME name: hott llama (the real hott llama)
    Server: GG
    Map: simpson_street
    Date & Time: 07/17/18 8:00pm
    How did it make you feel: Very disrespected

    I would like to report one of the admins: Deci <ibis.a>, for using my name in game. I did not give him permission to do and even have a in my name so people know not to use it. I would like to see him have his admin privileges taken away for at least 6 months.


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    Lmao, only a joke post; usual shenanigans


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    Abuse confirmed.

    Perma, closed.

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    We will need to see a copy of your federal certification of trademark registration before we can proceed with this case llama.
    You now have 6 hours to attach said copy or there will be severe consequences.

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