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Thread: Change the knife!

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    Would you guys consider adding get hp per knife kill?? Meaning you get a knife kill, you gain 55hp (or 45) would add another aspect to gungame

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    You do get extra hp the next round if you win the knife fight.

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    He was talking about a normal knife kill outside of knife fight, I'm assuming..

    I'd support this idea, but not nearly 55hp gain. Maybe 15-20 per kill capped at full health.

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    Exactly as firstblood said, during normal gameplay rather then just kifefight to get bonus hp per knifekill, I said 55 hp and believe it would be great to cap it at 100 hp. Meaning that per knife kill you get bonus 55 hp but your hp can never exceed 100. Would add a new dimension to the gungame and I believe it would placate all the "Knife only" people if they knew they could get their HP back by knifing the gunman. Plus it would just be tons of fun

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    but as first blood said the most important decision would be how much HP you should get per knife, I used 45 or 55 as that is what I'm used to seeing, but of course we always have to fine tune it for our specific playerbase a more moderate 20-30 would be prefect as well

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    Maybe rather than be a standard value it could be based on the knife damage you dealt. In that it could heal 50% of the damage you did back as health. So you would gain health but in a non predictable way. This also reduces the impact of when you just finish off someone with a knife. For example they only have 20hp and you kill them you just heal 10hp.

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    That is one of the best ideas I have ever heard of zero, I agree with that completely!

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