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To be fair, the articles posted in your argument are severely biased and skewed. Daily Progress has been found multiple times to embellish statistics to match their idea of the white hate machine.

Other than that I completely agree with you.
<3 I'm not going to spend the time researching whether or not an article is written by skewed sources when replying to a bad troll. His arguments are based upon personal opinion so Google front page results on his home are good enough.
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I would defend Virginia since Im from northern VA... But my county brought about Cory Stewart so........... yea.
Nothing against VA. It's beautiful there. Not caught up on neo-confederate Cory Stewart and his adventures. Maybe a kids pop-up book is in order.
There are awful people everywhere and individuals awfulness does not equate to general population awfulness. The military, specifically the infantry, isn't known for it's morally-straight characters so it's also not indicative of the population.

If I were in a room with a person from each state, and had to pick out the single racist in it at gunpoint, I would have a 50/50 choice between a Virginian and a Texan. Arizona is a close third, most likely because they deal with border jumpers.
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I don't want to read this shitty book, I'll just wait for the shitty movie...
Firstblood and the racist of Staunton. Has a catchy title.