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Thread: D.4.R.K. Yushun STEAM_0:1:3243002 08/7/2018

  1. Default D.4.R.K. Yushun STEAM_0:1:3243002 08/7/2018

    Name in Game: D.4.R.K. Yushun
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:3243002
    Where: GG
    Link to ban:
    Reason for perma ban: Has a toggle, possible walls. We have had him banned and reversed before, but I believe he is just very good with his toggle.
    9000 - Knows exactly where T pops out. Has no toggle on aimbot
    9800- Roughly. Has T right in crosshairs but misses shot as he is looking through 2 walls.
    12500 - Roughly. Has walls on, shoots through E-Tard to attempt to get HS on T but fail. Mat_Wire shows he was lined up right on T even before he was near the door.
    18500 - Hiding in bathroom stall looking over to left where T pops out. Using mat_wire you can see him follow him and try to take him out, but CT takes him before.
    19100 - Once again T walks right past him in stall and he follows through walls to shoot. Right at kill you can see what looks to be a toggle for aimbot. the sudden jerking.
    20000 - 22000 Swings around rapidly to hide the fact he was looking for the T's through walls. Has a blind spray to make it look like he knows nothing.

    Right after E-tard called him out, all of a sudden those same shots he was making are now non-existant. the 2nd round after tick 22000 He hides in the same exact spots and does not engage nor does he "detect" his opponents.
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    Also, fuck u swagbot, stop making fucking sense... I hate agreeing with you.

  2. Default

    I see not a single thing that looks toggle/aimbot at all. Twitchy people exist and they play shooters so it makes it a little fishy looking sometimes.

    9000 - Teammate just died from that location. Situation awareness and sound.
    9800- He sees the first T before he starts shooting. Reaction time, bad aim.
    12500 - Sadly enough, people dont understand that the head box is typically going to be in the same spot because most people dont crouch or jump early in the round. Play long enough and you know where to aim especially that early in the round knowing people will go that way. Reaction time.
    18500 - He popped up and there was a head. Reaction time.
    19100 - Reaction time. Also sound.
    20000 - He is simply screwing around, it is a game after all. Once he actually leave the corner and engages, he shoots where he last seen an enemy while the other enemy comes from the left and his reaction time wins. He sprays around because he has a P90 with lots of bullets and is a camper so he shoots spots he would be (I assume.) Since Samira wanted to knife she did not return fire and he was able to kill her.

    Nothing here as far as I am concerned but I am a lowly admin with no power in this realm. Judge it as you may, Yushun is a camping baddie all day but this does not prove he uses aimbot.
    sv_airaccelerate 1000 too stronk

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    That's going to be a no from me.


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