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Thread: cam | 08-07-18 | 22:21 | STEAM_0:0:209304976

  1. Default cam | 08-07-18 | 22:21 | STEAM_0:0:209304976

    Name in Game: cam
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:209304976
    Where: Gungame
    Link to ban:
    Reason for perma ban: Aimbot

    Link to demo: (IBIS file upload manager was not working)
    32000 - You can see him snap to a T's head but not do anything
    34000-36800 - He snapped onto my head in the middle of my bhop which is when I knew it wasn't right and he carried on with the headshots and even pre-fired at Samira without knowing she was until he ran up and killed her.
    37200 - 3 back to back obvious aimbot headshots
    40300 - He tries shooting through a teammate while obviously snapped onto an enemy's head then snapping between two AFK because of a wall blocking line of sight and finishing with a jumping ump hs across the map.
    sv_airaccelerate 1000 too stronk

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    aimbot, hacks, perma this foo

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    Jiggy: yeah i fuckin hate retardes
    Spasm iBiS.A: can you do that brit?
    (NPC)Britney<3: o.o

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