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Thread: rpg server

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    i'm not complaining but today playing me hobo,james,christmas and some other ppl were playing we got so upgraded it got to the point of me having to kill them when there not looking. this is just worrying about new players who just came into the server they could face a level 100 with 400 hp.also the long jump feature is to over powering if a person had level 5 long jump they could reach the other teams spawn and attack them from the back in a matter of seconds.i'm just telling some issues i found.

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    There's turbo leveling I think. When Viper joined and killed one person, (probably sizzle) he grew 5 levels.

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    yea, you get leveled really quick when playing with high levels, so, you will get owned, but you will gain levels super quick

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    yea but thats when you get lucky as hell or he just let them kill him

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    You will level really easy. as long as you stay with a group and attack high levels (Sizzle, me) then you will not have a problem killing us especially since we always work alone (tanks)

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    yea i guess i'll give it another chance since i decided to reset my stats because i kind of fucked up and i wanted fast exp points to do stuff

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    WHAT THE FUCK?! We have a RPG SERVER?!?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by anex View Post
    WHAT THE FUCK?! We have a RPG SERVER?!?!?!
    Yeah man get with the times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anex View Post
    WHAT THE FUCK?! We have a RPG SERVER?!?!?!
    Hahaha its okay Anus, I didn't know/forgot till today im ranked 13 already thanks to sizzle<3
    That dirty whore...

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    Damnit, now I am going to have to go into the server and dominate like I usually do.

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