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    I've created this maps 10 years ago, and they were all very popular on my ex gungame server.

    - good gameplay
    - good fps
    - enough spawns
    - good lighting

    Is there any chance, that we try this maps on your IBIS gg server?

    And this one is also perfect

    There are also other maps I made, but I never uploded it on gamebanana, but still, are very good to play on Gungame servers.

    Total list of my maps

    - gg_nyc_bronx
    - gg_shotty2
    - gg_underground v2
    - gg_europe_park
    - gg_red arena
    - gg_dust2
    - gg_knifearena
    - gg_metal
    - gg_office

    Maps have prefix in the name "bloodlords", that is because that was the name of my server. You can put ibis instead of bloodlords, or just the name of the map

    Here is the link of all original files (maps), zipped.


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    Currently we are working on doing a server migration but will look into adding these maps next month when that is finished.

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    Ok, thank you!

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    I have tested those maps once again & made final list.

    Here is the link to gallery:

    Also copied pictures directly into this thread, if it is to anoying, you can delete it, and only leave link (in the link there are also names of each map)

    And also new link to the maps:

    Added few classic ones, which I didn't made.
    - gg_dust (small, legendary map, as shotty)
    - gg beacon (similar as funtimes, but much harder to camp, more dynamic, great gameplay)
    - gg_deagle city (also small map, but great gameplay)

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    Hey sorry this has taken so long! Can you please report that link to all the maps? It no longer appears valid. All of these look good and I want to add them.

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    Hey boss, here you go

    Many thanks

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    Sorry !

    This link is the right one:

    On previous there are some older versions of same maps, I have tested all maps again today, and packed them in maps_final.rar (on that new dl link)

    Thanks again

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