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Thread: Upgrading from a GT GeForce 730 GPU.

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    I am looking to upgrade my GPU in preparation for Fallout 76 and I am not sure what would be a good card that won't break the bank. I am looking at no more than $200, maybe a tiny bit more. My PSU is 460 watts. I have included the a quick rundown of the rest of my system, it seems pretty decent for a 2 year old XPS out of the box.

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    A 1050 is the only thing that is going to fit what your looking for.

    It will be way better than what you got now. Regardless the 1050 TI is the best you can afford as far as $$ and W goes so just grab one you like and be happy.

    The card linked above is the fastest one that MSI makes for this line. There is a $15 rebate if you buy it before the 30th.

    This one has slightly higher stock clocks:

    You would need to check reviews to see which over clocks better but those would be the two that I would be deciding between.
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