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Thread: Wackomil, NS Server. Overabuse of admin privelleges

  1. Default Wackomil, NS Server. Overabuse of admin privelleges

    Admin's INGAME name: Wackomil
    You're INGAME name: Perk Princess
    Server: NS Server
    Map: Refinery, Veil, Mineshaft
    Date & Time: Somewhere between 6pm-8:45pm MST. November 1, 2018

    Wackomil has been overextending way too hard on his own privelleges, and has been called out through multiple matches by other players on the server. Said criticisms were poorly accepted on wackomils part, who then ultimately went to Spectator with another player ( Majesty ) in order to 'prove a point'.

    Sequence of events:

    1. A game begins after a shuffle, the moment a slot opens on alien side, Wackomil will switch over to Aliens, regardless of actual shuffle results. While he claims that this does not unabalance the resulting match via Hive Skill, it still leaves the team he was assigned feeling bitter. Arguments began to break out with several other players. This is a semi-regular occurance.
    2. Things escalate when players ZZZ and Dark, ( sp, I'll correct his actual ingame name when I can, ) begin to call out his behaviour as admin abuse.
    3. Through a few more matches, Wackomil continues to berate the critisisms as 'whining' and claims that Zero has seen him do it countless times. Regardless of legitimacy of said complaints.
    4. He eventually spends an entire game in Veil with Majesty, intentionally in Spectator, just to prove a point that 'you don't need admin powers ot abuse team stacking'.

    This was all witnessed by at least one other admin who also criticized him for his behaviour, ( Salty )
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