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Thread: NS2 noob server - kicked because I was a "smurf"

  1. Default NS2 noob server - kicked because I was a "smurf"

    Haven't played in 5 years, but apparently I'm good enough that the admin thinks I'm a smurf and refuses to look at my steam profile. Continuously kicks me.
    How can you let your admin staff kick people without performing due diligence? Is there no training?
    With such a small userbase for NS2, you must understand this isn't good for the health of your server.

    Screeencaps ( server and kick reason )

    My steam profile:

    Go through my profile and tell me that I'm a smurf. Please. This is ridiculous.

    As a side note, this isn't a ban appeal or anything, because I haven't been banned, only kicked by Perky Princess.
    Yeah, perky alright.
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    Checked with Perky Princess and let him know to be checking the profile of anyone thought to be a smurf. However, the screenshows you post are from RazZzz.

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